DR12AM is a small family run business dedicated to the preservation and sale of vintage printed matter, primarily advertising. Our specialism, 40’s to the 70’s, has become popular with the resurgent interest in “retro”, whether it’s furniture, clothing, kitchenware, cars or music. It really was the golden age of advertising, elegant, hand drawn, fluid lines, imagination and often full of humour. Many are still familiar even today, images that for 70 years or more, have clearly worked, look at Coke (probably the outstanding advertising product of all time), Ford, Marmite, Rolls Royce, Horlicks, Hoover, The Times, Chanel, Vogue, IBM, Bentley, … well the list just goes on … and on!

So we search out and save the ephemeral images that we love and are becoming ever more rare, and often are on the verge of being thrown into a skip or onto a fire! Of course they were never meant to be saved, images that still delight us and make us pause, either for their style and design, or for the memories they evoke from our childhood.

We’re working on improving our techniques to ensure they meet criteria for long term conservation and that future generations can enjoy them. So they are not just lovely pictures, but valuable and increasingly rare genuine representations of a time gone by, simpler, harder times, but times of inspiration. The increase in affluence following the austerity of WW2 fed a resurgence in popular wealth and a surge in the availability of products we all wanted. Cars, washing machines, clothes, music records, and for these reasons alone they should be preserved. Soon they will be antiques.

They are each unique advertisements, we don’t reproduce, photocopy or otherwise copy for sale. Our materials are sourced from leading suppliers whether it is the backboard, mount or frame*, packaging materials (or the coffee in the office!).

And if you have a project, whether a specific requirement from a single picture to a number of images for a boutique hotel or retail outlet we’ll do our best to help. The website offers mounted adverts but we are able to supply frames….please ask and we can quote.

And of course we’re keeping an eye to the future. The revolution in the digital age has changed the face of advertising. More mobile and versatile camera technology has shifted the emphasis from hand drawn images to wonderful and often manipulated photography for advertising. Different times, different solutions. But we hope that todays creatives will take time to look back and appreciated both the adverts themselves and the skills of the artists of the day that brought those products to success.

We hope you like our work and will treasure any you buy. We’re sure you will.